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Who we are

Hello and welcome to our ‘About Us’ page.

Bring your cup of tea (or coffee if you prefer!) and let’s chat. Let’s get to know each other. And we need to tell you something. This may be an ‘About Us’ page. But it’s actually about you. You’re the reason we’re here. It’s all about you because you’re the one who inspired us.

About You

Do you inspire us? Yes, you do. Your love of beauty and all things beautiful is our driving force. Your wish to create a more beautiful world fills us with admiration. Your interest in creating a beautiful look (at a practical price) is something to which we relate. And we want you on this journey with us. Together, we’ll explore the realm of beauty and make our world a more beautiful place.

We’re In This Together

You know as well as we do that a blog is nothing without its readers. We want you coming back here, week after week. We want you reading our posts, articles and reviews. We want you to join in the conversation. We need you in the comment box, giving us feedback, telling us exactly what you feel and what you think. Your input here is invaluable. We’d love you to subscribe to our email list, so you’ll never miss a post nor an opportunity to join the conversation. Because, dear reader, it’s all about you.