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Wedding Photography

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Wedding Photography

In 2002, professional photographer John Murphy, from Aurora PA began to receive enquiries from couples planning their weddings, who wanted him to capture their happy memories on their big day, and within a short space of time, John and his partner Paul Moane carved out a niche as one of Northern Ireland’s leading wedding photographers.

Traditional wedding photography has often involved staged and posed family line-ups, but contemporary photography is taking a more natural and relaxed approach. When it comes to which style John prefers, he said:

“I love to capture the real moments of the day – the more relaxed and candid this is, the better results for the couple. Of course, I accommodate what the newly married couple want in terms of family shots, but I also take the time to get a little more creative with a stunning sunset backdrop or ambient background.”

“Taking these just after the meal in summertime, or just before sunset in winter, is perfect. Winter weddings are actually my favourite to shoot because of the beautiful light at that time of year, yes it challenging but the results are simply stunning photographs.”

As we all know, wedding photography is an investment, so when it comes to choosing a professional photographer for your big day, John has some advice:

“To make sure your photographer can handle whatever your day throws at them, ask to see a range of photos from different weddings in their portfolio. The weather in Northern Ireland can be very unpredictable, but professional photographers should be able to capture great pictures in all weather conditions. In fact, there are times when adverse conditions can even make for better images.”

“Ideally, you want a professional photographer who can blend in and go practically unnoticed on your wedding day, as some people can be very camera shy, so I find it’s best to keep my distance and let people be themselves. This is when I can get my best photographs.”

His final, and most important, piece of advice when selecting a photographer?

“All photographers have their own unique style, and ultimately you should choose someone whose work you love, so you can look back on your photos in ten years’ time and still love them just as much as when you first saw them.”

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