Getting Botox for your weeding day is it worth it? -

Getting Botox for your weeding day is it worth it?

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“Operation bride”
There are thousands of preparations to make for a wedding and all of them with a lot of advances. Order the restaurant with one year; for the wedding dress do not go with less than six months of time; honeymoon, another 5 months and you?

You’re almost late because you can start earlier, but do not worry because you’re still in time to start the “bride operation”.

Start taking care of yourself at home

To show off the best face on the day of the wedding you must be strict with your beauty ritual at home: make-up and clean your face every morning and night, perform weekly peels, apply masks and moisturize with the most appropriate products for your skin. Botox for weddings

Two months before

We have to make our skin look hydrated, light, revitalized and youthful and eliminate imperfections such as spots or dark circles. Something that, perhaps we will manage to disguise with the makeup but it will always be there and we will reduce the final finish.

During this time and up to a week before the event we can combine several options depending on our facial needs. Always remember to include the neckline in your daily cares as it is one of the parts that brides look and better.

Chemical peeling It consists of exfoliating the skin of the face with different substances so that their layers are renewed and, in this way, get rid of any imperfections that may be present and the color and texture of the face have a more uniform appearance and full of luminosity.
Radiofrequency facial: safely and effectively fights the flaccidity of the skin by stimulating the collagen itself the skin is reactivated and reaffirmed by significantly reducing small wrinkles of expression.

It looks great

If for this important day we want to lose some extra weight or contour our figure a little, it is now when we should start to take care of our diet by eating healthy, drinking lots of water and especially exercising. It is a small effort that you will see as it is worth it.

It happens to many that when we lose weight we lose everything except where we are interested, to help you lose that fat from localized and difficult areas, I propose a bodily combination that does not fail. Always accompanied, as we have said, of a healthy and light diet and with which we will achieve from here and up to the date of the wedding to lose between 2 and 5 kilos:

Body mesotherapy + Presotherapy + Venus Legacy

Hairdressing and makeup

At this time, two months before, you should also think about doing hairdressing and makeup tests. Also, by now you have chosen the dress and everything has to go according.

In these tests, you will realize that it is not the same to see it in a magazine than in the same one and you can change everything you want until you see the movie. Undoubtedly, Rebecca San Juan will make all the effort you have made to have a radiant skin, look that day with a dazzling, fresh and very natural makeup.

Fifteen days before

At this point of the wedding, we have to have everything almost ready, in the absence of the last details that can be very significant.

In the absence of two weeks we have to give the skin of the face and neckline a special light that will add to the happiness of your eyes. The most important thing is that they look at you and everyone notices that you are more beautiful and more radiant than ever.

The day of your wedding will not stop to say hello, to smile, to make gestures and everything will be reflected in photos because you will be the center of attention and although you do not realize all the flashes will point to you. To be prevented and not go wrong in any snapshot, or with a bad gesture, my proposal is:

Botox for weddings in a very subtle and very natural way in those areas with which you gesticulate but watch out, always without losing the expressiveness.
A cocktail of vitamins and hyaluronic acid. It is the secret of success of a radiant skin, with light and juicy. The idea is to apply a session a month and a half before and another infiltration just fifteen days before the event.

Eyebrows, hands and feet.

Eyebrows are a key part of your image, do not neglect them! Give the most appropriate shape to your eyebrows, with the help of a professional, do not try alone. Undoubtedly and as I have explained on some occasion in our blog, eyebrows are one of the most important steps if we want to frame our eyes, but even more so on a day as important as your wedding.

One week before

Oh, the nerves … This week dedicate it to you and the aesthetic care you need like waxing, manicure and pedicure. If you want to go a step further and leave your guests speechless do not hesitate to put eyelash extensions as they are placed, hair by hair, in the aesthetic centers that I have just recommended. The only drawback they have is that afterward, you will not know how to live without them, they are perfect!

The day D”
The night before you do not try any cosmetic or any new makeup. Sleep a minimum of 8 hours to show a skin and a refreshed and decongested mind.

The same day of the wedding, worry only about … Enjoy!

Note: These treatments can be extrapolated to anyone who on a special day wants to monopolize all eyes “(insured).