Maintaining weigh loss ideas -

Maintaining weigh loss ideas

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For this reason, I recommend being active throughout the day because you spend energy without the need for sugar.


Walking on an empty stomach, gardening, using a bike instead of the car, are activities that essentially use our body fat … especially on an empty stomach


Having a slow activity is not going to help you if you eat sugar all day long. Consuming too much sugar directly prevents the use of fat (especially because of the insulin produced in response to sugar).


On the contrary, eating more fat will stabilize blood sugar and turn our metabolism towards the use of fat.


Saturated fats for example (found in eggs, butter, red meat), wrongly accused of ruining our cardiovascular health, are essential components to the production of weight loss hormones, such as testosterone.


In this context, replacing these carbohydrates with good fats will kill two birds with one stone: it reduces insulin production while promoting the loss of fat and good hormones.


If you are on this site, you know the principle of Fasting: short-term fasting.


Fasting andĀ LipoFreeze2u NottsĀ is ideal for fat loss because it produces more slimming hormones (growth hormone, glucagon), while improving our sensitivity to insulin.


That said, I do not recommend multi-day fasts for weight loss, since muscle loss can occur as early as 24 hours without eating. No need to go beyond to lose weight, on pain of losing muscle!


Similarly, too fast weight loss will impact our hormones, muscle mass and simply our ability to lose weight. If you lose more than 2 kilos a week, the restriction is too drastic: reduce your daily fast.


Sport is not essential for losing weight, it is above all a question of nutrition. But some activities can help.


You remember that the body reduces muscle mass to conserve energy in case of famine … one of the solutions is to use it.


To do this, we have two solutions:


– Muscular stimulation exercises, which protect the muscle mass in case of calorie deficit, and even make it possible to gain it if you are in surplus caloric. Example: bodybuilding


Another way to preserve our muscle mass, and that does not require to play sports.


The use of muscles is a last resort for the body. To prevent him from becoming cannibalized, it is enough to give him what he needs.


When you want to lose weight, or you do a lot of exercise … eat protein. By always having enough amino acids in circulation, you protect your reserves: the muscles.


At each meal, make sure you always have a source of protein. Also prefer high-protein snacks such as cottage cheese or nuts.


onclusion: the happy medium

You can lose weight fast. You may be happy, but your body is much less: it has lost only fat and your metabolism may be slow.


Weight loss is not just about calories or deprivation. Our body has evolved to keep us alive above all, which is not necessarily compatible with easy fat loss.


A good weight loss strategy must limit the production of certain hormones without compromising our metabolism.


As always, the solution is in moderation and long-term strategies. With a regular fast, changing your diet and with the sport that goes well, you can force your body to lose fat … without ruining your metabolism or losing muscle.