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By talking about weight loss , we end up focusing solely on the scales: the weight we make, the pounds we lost … it’s a misleading vision of reality.

You may think that it is enough to eat less, even to deprive oneself for a few weeks … and the body will use in fat automatically. But no !

As we will see Bucks Lipo Freeze2u guide, the body can also use other reserves: water, sugar … muscles. So many sources that can influence your weight.

Many of you write to me following draconian diets, where temporary success (losing 10kg in 10 days), give way to fatigue, followed by even greater weight gains.

In an ideal world, our body should be a machine to lose fat when we do not eat enough, and to build muscle when we eat a lot instead of storing fat …

Good news: it’s possible.

In this article, you will learn how to achieve this ideal. These recommendations are not mandatory to lose weight … but can help if you are stuck.

The importance of metabolism
In theory, our fat reserves are made to be used. That’s why we wear many months of reserves, just in case.

Some obese people can stay a year without eating, such as this study that accompanies a young obese for 387 days of total fast … without negative consequences on his health ( see study ).

Is this a good idea? There is a little problem.

The body is also able to use our tissues as a source of energy. First our muscles, and then our organs … in case of extreme famine, the heart is targeted, resulting in heart weakness and long-term death. Not very happy!

Why not use only fats? Two reasons:

– the body needs some amino acids found only in proteins
– proteins can be converted into sugar , if the sugar reserves are exhausted and you make an intense effort

With too little protein, or too much exercise on an empty stomach … the body has no choice but to use our muscles to find the nutrients essential to its functioning.

It’s an essential survival mechanism in prehistoric times, but it’s going to play tricks when our goal is to improve our physics (not really the priority at the time!).

The negative consequences of a draconian diet
When you reduce your intake too much over time (skipping a meal will not kill you ), the body tries to adapt to survive as long as possible in this difficult environment.

To lengthen our life during famine, it will reduce our metabolism (the speed at which we spend energy). Because less energy spent every day means more days of survival … and more chance of finding food.

In a draconian diet study, Dr. George Bray reduces caloric intake to 450 calories (slightly less than a Big Mac). In less than 24 days, the metabolism is reduced by 15% ( see study ).

Other studies, especially on anorexics, show metabolic reductions of up to 45%. Which means that even when you eat 2 times less, you do not lose weight.

The muscle mass uses a lot of energy, a form of waste if we do not use it. The best way to reduce your expenses is therefore to lose muscle: the body uses first and foremost the unused muscle fibers.