Make the teeth look whiter -

Make the teeth look whiter

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If you want to present your bite again with a radiant smile, you do not have to save directly for professional whitening. Make-up can also help make your teeth look brighter and whiter.


The trick is called optical brightening. You can use it every day for a quick result and combine it with other methods to make the teeth look whiter.


Simply neutralize yellow teeth


Optical brightening means: “It just looks like it”. The teeth look whiter directly after use. You do not have to make an appointment; it hardly costs anything and does not hurt. Everything works only by means of little helpers in color theory: contrast and neutralization. By the way, you can achieve a permanent, “real” effect with the right toothpaste or the help of your dentist.


This make-up brightens your teeth visually:


Lipstick and lip gloss with a high proportion of blue pigments make up for yellowish tooth discolorations, the teeth appear whiter. These are for example Barbie pink, berry tones, fuchsia and reds with berry, violent impact. Subdued nuances are also effective, important is the blue cast.

Also neutralizing: dab a fine touch of blue glitter powder or blue or violet, shimmering eyeshadow like the pigment in “Violet” by MAC (around CHF 35) in the middle of the lips.


You can spice up your normal lip color tooth whitening with a blue shimmering lip gloss.

Medium to dark hues such as pink and red are especially good. Very dark paving shades contain too much brown and intensify the yellowish cast of the teeth.


This make-up will make your teeth look yellower: 


Lip colors in warm shades of brown and orange, tomato red and red nuances with an orange tinge, apricot tones, and dark lip colors with brown or plum-colored pigments.

Copper and gold tones or lipsticks and gloss with shimmer or glitter in copper or gold.

Very bright lipsticks, especially if they contain warm tones like apricot, coral, brown or orange.


What makes whiter still?


Use toothpaste and mouthwash that look “brighter”. These are blue or dark colored, the color accumulates during cleaning and Gurgles on the gums, the teeth appear whiter. The effect wears off during the day.


Bleaching toothpaste such as Colgate’s “Max White One” or blend-a-med’s “3D White” can whiten teeth by one to two color levels within a week using bleach when used regularly. These pastes contain no emery and protect the enamel.


A professional cleaning of teeth can also immediately improve the appearance of deposits and discoloration and is much cheaper than bleaching. Although you need an appointment, it can be worthwhile. Discoloration of coffee and red wine are simply sanded away.


Tips for white teeth

The motto for the combination of lipstick and tooth color is: opposites attract. This means that you should resort to warm lipstick in a rather cool tooth color and vice versa. If the tone of your teeth is bluish or has a slight gray haze, you should prefer a lipstick with a warm, slightly yellow undertone. Orange and coral, for example, are your friends. Those who are prone to yellowish teeth can compensate with cool lipstick. Especially berry tones, mauve or purple tones make your teeth look beautifully white.