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For this reason, I recommend being active throughout the day because you spend energy without the need for sugar.


Walking on an empty stomach, gardening, using a bike instead of the car, are activities that essentially use our body fat … especially on an empty stomach


Having a slow activity is not going to help you if you eat sugar all day long. Consuming too much sugar directly prevents the use of fat (especially because of the insulin produced in response to sugar).


On the contrary, eating more fat will stabilize blood sugar and turn our metabolism towards the use of fat.


Saturated fats for example (found in eggs, butter, red meat), wrongly accused of ruining our cardiovascular health, are essential components to the production of weight loss hormones, such as testosterone.


In this context, replacing these carbohydrates with good fats will kill two birds with one stone: it reduces insulin production while promoting the loss of fat and good hormones.


If you are on this site, you know the principle of Fasting: short-term fasting.


Fasting and LipoFreeze2u Notts is ideal for fat loss because it produces more slimming hormones (growth hormone, glucagon), while improving our sensitivity to insulin.


That said, I do not recommend multi-day fasts for weight loss, since muscle loss can occur as early as 24 hours without eating. No need to go beyond to lose weight, on pain of losing muscle!


Similarly, too fast weight loss will impact our hormones, muscle mass and simply our ability to lose weight. If you lose more than 2 kilos a week, the restriction is too drastic: reduce your daily fast.


Sport is not essential for losing weight, it is above all a question of nutrition. But some activities can help.


You remember that the body reduces muscle mass to conserve energy in case of famine … one of the solutions is to use it.


To do this, we have two solutions:


– Muscular stimulation exercises, which protect the muscle mass in case of calorie deficit, and even make it possible to gain it if you are in surplus caloric. Example: bodybuilding


Another way to preserve our muscle mass, and that does not require to play sports.


The use of muscles is a last resort for the body. To prevent him from becoming cannibalized, it is enough to give him what he needs.


When you want to lose weight, or you do a lot of exercise … eat protein. By always having enough amino acids in circulation, you protect your reserves: the muscles.


At each meal, make sure you always have a source of protein. Also prefer high-protein snacks such as cottage cheese or nuts.


onclusion: the happy medium

You can lose weight fast. You may be happy, but your body is much less: it has lost only fat and your metabolism may be slow.


Weight loss is not just about calories or deprivation. Our body has evolved to keep us alive above all, which is not necessarily compatible with easy fat loss.


A good weight loss strategy must limit the production of certain hormones without compromising our metabolism.


As always, the solution is in moderation and long-term strategies. With a regular fast, changing your diet and with the sport that goes well, you can force your body to lose fat … without ruining your metabolism or losing muscle.


By talking about weight loss , we end up focusing solely on the scales: the weight we make, the pounds we lost … it’s a misleading vision of reality.

You may think that it is enough to eat less, even to deprive oneself for a few weeks … and the body will use in fat automatically. But no !

As we will see Bucks Lipo Freeze2u guide, the body can also use other reserves: water, sugar … muscles. So many sources that can influence your weight.

Many of you write to me following draconian diets, where temporary success (losing 10kg in 10 days), give way to fatigue, followed by even greater weight gains.

In an ideal world, our body should be a machine to lose fat when we do not eat enough, and to build muscle when we eat a lot instead of storing fat …

Good news: it’s possible.

In this article, you will learn how to achieve this ideal. These recommendations are not mandatory to lose weight … but can help if you are stuck.

The importance of metabolism
In theory, our fat reserves are made to be used. That’s why we wear many months of reserves, just in case.

Some obese people can stay a year without eating, such as this study that accompanies a young obese for 387 days of total fast … without negative consequences on his health ( see study ).

Is this a good idea? There is a little problem.

The body is also able to use our tissues as a source of energy. First our muscles, and then our organs … in case of extreme famine, the heart is targeted, resulting in heart weakness and long-term death. Not very happy!

Why not use only fats? Two reasons:

– the body needs some amino acids found only in proteins
– proteins can be converted into sugar , if the sugar reserves are exhausted and you make an intense effort

With too little protein, or too much exercise on an empty stomach … the body has no choice but to use our muscles to find the nutrients essential to its functioning.

It’s an essential survival mechanism in prehistoric times, but it’s going to play tricks when our goal is to improve our physics (not really the priority at the time!).

The negative consequences of a draconian diet
When you reduce your intake too much over time (skipping a meal will not kill you ), the body tries to adapt to survive as long as possible in this difficult environment.

To lengthen our life during famine, it will reduce our metabolism (the speed at which we spend energy). Because less energy spent every day means more days of survival … and more chance of finding food.

In a draconian diet study, Dr. George Bray reduces caloric intake to 450 calories (slightly less than a Big Mac). In less than 24 days, the metabolism is reduced by 15% ( see study ).

Other studies, especially on anorexics, show metabolic reductions of up to 45%. Which means that even when you eat 2 times less, you do not lose weight.

The muscle mass uses a lot of energy, a form of waste if we do not use it. The best way to reduce your expenses is therefore to lose muscle: the body uses first and foremost the unused muscle fibers.

“Operation bride”
There are thousands of preparations to make for a wedding and all of them with a lot of advances. Order the restaurant with one year; for the wedding dress do not go with less than six months of time; honeymoon, another 5 months and you?

You’re almost late because you can start earlier, but do not worry because you’re still in time to start the “bride operation”.

Start taking care of yourself at home

To show off the best face on the day of the wedding you must be strict with your beauty ritual at home: make-up and clean your face every morning and night, perform weekly peels, apply masks and moisturize with the most appropriate products for your skin. Botox for weddings

Two months before

We have to make our skin look hydrated, light, revitalized and youthful and eliminate imperfections such as spots or dark circles. Something that, perhaps we will manage to disguise with the makeup but it will always be there and we will reduce the final finish.

During this time and up to a week before the event we can combine several options depending on our facial needs. Always remember to include the neckline in your daily cares as it is one of the parts that brides look and better.

Chemical peeling It consists of exfoliating the skin of the face with different substances so that their layers are renewed and, in this way, get rid of any imperfections that may be present and the color and texture of the face have a more uniform appearance and full of luminosity.
Radiofrequency facial: safely and effectively fights the flaccidity of the skin by stimulating the collagen itself the skin is reactivated and reaffirmed by significantly reducing small wrinkles of expression.

It looks great

If for this important day we want to lose some extra weight or contour our figure a little, it is now when we should start to take care of our diet by eating healthy, drinking lots of water and especially exercising. It is a small effort that you will see as it is worth it.

It happens to many that when we lose weight we lose everything except where we are interested, to help you lose that fat from localized and difficult areas, I propose a bodily combination that does not fail. Always accompanied, as we have said, of a healthy and light diet and with which we will achieve from here and up to the date of the wedding to lose between 2 and 5 kilos:

Body mesotherapy + Presotherapy + Venus Legacy

Hairdressing and makeup

At this time, two months before, you should also think about doing hairdressing and makeup tests. Also, by now you have chosen the dress and everything has to go according.

In these tests, you will realize that it is not the same to see it in a magazine than in the same one and you can change everything you want until you see the movie. Undoubtedly, Rebecca San Juan will make all the effort you have made to have a radiant skin, look that day with a dazzling, fresh and very natural makeup.

Fifteen days before

At this point of the wedding, we have to have everything almost ready, in the absence of the last details that can be very significant.

In the absence of two weeks we have to give the skin of the face and neckline a special light that will add to the happiness of your eyes. The most important thing is that they look at you and everyone notices that you are more beautiful and more radiant than ever.

The day of your wedding will not stop to say hello, to smile, to make gestures and everything will be reflected in photos because you will be the center of attention and although you do not realize all the flashes will point to you. To be prevented and not go wrong in any snapshot, or with a bad gesture, my proposal is:

Botox for weddings in a very subtle and very natural way in those areas with which you gesticulate but watch out, always without losing the expressiveness.
A cocktail of vitamins and hyaluronic acid. It is the secret of success of a radiant skin, with light and juicy. The idea is to apply a session a month and a half before and another infiltration just fifteen days before the event.

Eyebrows, hands and feet.

Eyebrows are a key part of your image, do not neglect them! Give the most appropriate shape to your eyebrows, with the help of a professional, do not try alone. Undoubtedly and as I have explained on some occasion in our blog, eyebrows are one of the most important steps if we want to frame our eyes, but even more so on a day as important as your wedding.

One week before

Oh, the nerves … This week dedicate it to you and the aesthetic care you need like waxing, manicure and pedicure. If you want to go a step further and leave your guests speechless do not hesitate to put eyelash extensions as they are placed, hair by hair, in the aesthetic centers that I have just recommended. The only drawback they have is that afterward, you will not know how to live without them, they are perfect!

The day D”
The night before you do not try any cosmetic or any new makeup. Sleep a minimum of 8 hours to show a skin and a refreshed and decongested mind.

The same day of the wedding, worry only about … Enjoy!

Note: These treatments can be extrapolated to anyone who on a special day wants to monopolize all eyes “(insured).

If you want to present your bite again with a radiant smile, you do not have to save directly for professional whitening. Make-up can also help make your teeth look brighter and whiter.


The trick is called optical brightening. You can use it every day for a quick result and combine it with other methods to make the teeth look whiter.


Simply neutralize yellow teeth


Optical brightening means: “It just looks like it”. The teeth look whiter directly after use. You do not have to make an appointment; it hardly costs anything and does not hurt. Everything works only by means of little helpers in color theory: contrast and neutralization. By the way, you can achieve a permanent, “real” effect with the right toothpaste or the help of your dentist.


This make-up brightens your teeth visually:


Lipstick and lip gloss with a high proportion of blue pigments make up for yellowish tooth discolorations, the teeth appear whiter. These are for example Barbie pink, berry tones, fuchsia and reds with berry, violent impact. Subdued nuances are also effective, important is the blue cast.

Also neutralizing: dab a fine touch of blue glitter powder or blue or violet, shimmering eyeshadow like the pigment in “Violet” by MAC (around CHF 35) in the middle of the lips.


You can spice up your normal lip color tooth whitening with a blue shimmering lip gloss.

Medium to dark hues such as pink and red are especially good. Very dark paving shades contain too much brown and intensify the yellowish cast of the teeth.


This make-up will make your teeth look yellower: 


Lip colors in warm shades of brown and orange, tomato red and red nuances with an orange tinge, apricot tones, and dark lip colors with brown or plum-colored pigments.

Copper and gold tones or lipsticks and gloss with shimmer or glitter in copper or gold.

Very bright lipsticks, especially if they contain warm tones like apricot, coral, brown or orange.


What makes whiter still?


Use toothpaste and mouthwash that look “brighter”. These are blue or dark colored, the color accumulates during cleaning and Gurgles on the gums, the teeth appear whiter. The effect wears off during the day.


Bleaching toothpaste such as Colgate’s “Max White One” or blend-a-med’s “3D White” can whiten teeth by one to two color levels within a week using bleach when used regularly. These pastes contain no emery and protect the enamel.


A professional cleaning of teeth can also immediately improve the appearance of deposits and discoloration and is much cheaper than bleaching. Although you need an appointment, it can be worthwhile. Discoloration of coffee and red wine are simply sanded away.


Tips for white teeth

The motto for the combination of lipstick and tooth color is: opposites attract. This means that you should resort to warm lipstick in a rather cool tooth color and vice versa. If the tone of your teeth is bluish or has a slight gray haze, you should prefer a lipstick with a warm, slightly yellow undertone. Orange and coral, for example, are your friends. Those who are prone to yellowish teeth can compensate with cool lipstick. Especially berry tones, mauve or purple tones make your teeth look beautifully white.


2018 Wedding entertainment trends

When you invite someone to your wedding you are asking them to be more than a guest at a party.

Your wedding should be one of the most memorable days of your life. For you and your other half, the day is the start of your life together as a married couple and you’ve chosen to share it with the people closest to you.

Now, whether you have 20 or 200 guests, you want them to have a memorable day and night. And one of the biggest parts of the day is the entertainment.

Long gone are the days when your guests would turn up and be happy with just dinner and a bit of dancing. More and more there is an expectation of something memorable.

And that can make you feel under pressure. But fear not, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve pulled together the hottest wedding entertainment trends to help you make the right choices for your guests, venue and of course yourselves.

First things first, start the day off right. If you want to make the day as fun-filled as possible for your guests then set the tone early on.

Change up the ceremony

Your ceremony might be traditional with a string quartet or organ. But that doesn’t mean your music has to be. Why not have your musician put a twist on it and play instrumental versions of your favorite songs. You could even surprise your guests with an impromptu performance from a surprise musical act before you walk down the aisle.

Relaxed dining

Next up is the food. The trend for relaxed dining continues and you could have a much more interactive and engaging meal with food stations or go even more relaxed with food trucks and prosecco vans!

Surprise dance break

Another option to really surprise and delight your guests is the first dance performance. You and your other half could be the headline entertainment by learning a dance routine. This will be even more impressive and entertaining if you are known to have two left feet!

Get the party started

And once you’ve got your guests in the mood to dance. Keep them on the floor!! A good DJ can feed of the mood in the room and provide your guests with the perfect songs to keep them dancing. They also know when to pump up the crowd and when to go quiet and let a special moment happen.

Something for the kids

Children, especially young ones, can find the whole reception quite boring. A bouncy castle, face painter or even some lawn games if your venue allows, will keep the kids entertained so you can make sure that mums and dads have a great night and take part in all the adult fun you have planned.

 Experiential entertainment

And finally, the modern guests demands more from their evening out. They want to experience something new and be thrilled by the unexpected.

One of the hottest entertainment trends for weddings is the Mirror Photo Booth from companies such as White Knight Entertainment. Not only does it capture your guests’ imagination, there’s also no better way to break the ice when you’ve got groups of all ages. And you will be surprised to see young and old, family and friends mingling and posing in front of the camera to take the perfect selfie.

Guests love how interactive the booths are and will love capturing the moment in a unique way. And if your budget doesn’t stretch to the full selfie mirror then try the latest innovation – the Halo Photo booth. This pared back version is suitable for smaller venues but gives hours of photo, boomerang and interactive fun.

Why You Should Rent A Selfie Mirror For Weddings

It’s hard to imagine a world without selfies. While the word selfie was coined fairly recently, taking pictures of yourself has become a standard routine. It’s only natural that people would want to take selfies when they are at a wedding.

You can cater to these people if you rent a selfie mirror for your wedding. Take a look at all of the perks a selfie mirror can offer you:

It Can Keep Your Guests Entertained

One of your duties as a host is to make sure that all of your guests have a great time. If you give your guests an easy way to take fun pictures, they’ll have a lot more fun at your wedding.

Nearly everyone that attends your wedding will want to try out the selfie mirror, even the guests that don’t usually take selfies. People will also spend a lot of time sharing the selfies that they take. The mirror should be able to keep people engaged all night long!

It Can Ensure That You Have Pictures Of All Your Guests

While the photographer you hire will be able to take a lot of pictures of your wedding, they aren’t going to be able to capture all of your guests. If you’re inviting your closest friends to the wedding, you’ll want to make sure that you get pictures of all of them. You want to remember that they were there to support you on this special day.

When you rent a selfie mirror, you should be able to get a picture of every single person that attends your wedding. You’ll have a lot of fun looking at all of the selfies that people take.

It Can Make Other People Feel Like They’re A Part Of Your Wedding

Not everyone that you want at your wedding is going to be able to attend. Some people that are out of state aren’t going to be able to travel to your wedding destination. Other people may not be able to find sitters to take care of their children.

Even if those people aren’t going to be able to attend your wedding, they can feel like they are a part of it. If you set up a social media page where people can share all of the images they take with the selfie mirror, all of those people will feel like they’re right there!

It’s Affordable

One of the biggest perks a selfie mirror can offer is the price. If you look at what it would cost to rent a mirror like this, you’ll see that the prices for a rental are quite low. You won’t have to break your wedding budget in order to rent a mirror like this.

If you look into renting a selfie mirror for weddings, you’ll be able to see how advantageous a rental like this can be. Renting a mirror for your wedding is a great idea. Your guests will love it, and you’ll love it too.

Wedding Photography

In 2002, professional photographer John Murphy, from Aurora PA began to receive enquiries from couples planning their weddings, who wanted him to capture their happy memories on their big day, and within a short space of time, John and his partner Paul Moane carved out a niche as one of Northern Ireland’s leading wedding photographers.

Traditional wedding photography has often involved staged and posed family line-ups, but contemporary photography is taking a more natural and relaxed approach. When it comes to which style John prefers, he said:

“I love to capture the real moments of the day – the more relaxed and candid this is, the better results for the couple. Of course, I accommodate what the newly married couple want in terms of family shots, but I also take the time to get a little more creative with a stunning sunset backdrop or ambient background.”

“Taking these just after the meal in summertime, or just before sunset in winter, is perfect. Winter weddings are actually my favourite to shoot because of the beautiful light at that time of year, yes it challenging but the results are simply stunning photographs.”

As we all know, wedding photography is an investment, so when it comes to choosing a professional photographer for your big day, John has some advice:

“To make sure your photographer can handle whatever your day throws at them, ask to see a range of photos from different weddings in their portfolio. The weather in Northern Ireland can be very unpredictable, but professional photographers should be able to capture great pictures in all weather conditions. In fact, there are times when adverse conditions can even make for better images.”

“Ideally, you want a professional photographer who can blend in and go practically unnoticed on your wedding day, as some people can be very camera shy, so I find it’s best to keep my distance and let people be themselves. This is when I can get my best photographs.”

His final, and most important, piece of advice when selecting a photographer?

“All photographers have their own unique style, and ultimately you should choose someone whose work you love, so you can look back on your photos in ten years’ time and still love them just as much as when you first saw them.”

To view some wedding photography examples and real life weddings visit our website aurorapa.com or follow them on Facebook and Instagram

Teeth Whitening for weddings which one

Wedding is one such occasion where each one wishes to enjoy and wishes to make that occasion worth remembering. It is not that easy to enjoy as there are lots of things that are to be taken full care of.  There has to decision made on venue, clothes, cards, flower arrangements, food etc.  You need to take proper care of yourself so that you look the best on that special day.


You should follow proper diet and you should take care of your face and skin as well. One should always pay attention of one’s teeth as well. If there is some problem that you see in your teeth then you should always go for Whiter teeth lazer. There are many dentists who are into doing different type of teeth treatments. The rate of each one is however different and there are many dentists who are quiet good in it. You can take the appointment and based on that you can tell them any problem that you are facing as far as your teeth is concerned. If your teeth are good and bright your photographs will surely come out well so concentrate on your teeth and do not compromise on it at any cost whatsoever.


Apart from whitening of the teeth you can also get other corrections made for your teeth. If your wedding is near and you do not have enough time you can always take appointment in advance so that you do not face any problem whatsoever. You only need to visit the dentist for few days and you will be really happy with the overall results for sure. There are many who have already gone for this treatment and there is no doubt that it has proved to be very beneficial to them. The Whiter teeth lazer treatment is concerned as the best one and is considered to be very effective in many ways. If you are suffering from any sort of problem that is related to teeth and you are interested in setting it right you will not have to bother at all. The other thing is that if there are many problems you will need more sitting for sure. Make sure that you have selected the clinic that is not too far otherwise you will have to face lot of problem in commuting. There are many dentists you are good at this but it is always better to read reviews in order to know who is best at it.


Wedding is special occasion and each one wants that all the things should be done in a proper manner. This treatment is till date considered as the best if you get it done by the dentist who is good at it. If you are willing to do filling as well you should get it done. Do not leave any stone unturned in order to look the best. Satisfy yourself completely so that you are looking your best on the special day of your wedding. Spend money wisely and look stunning after lazer treatment for teeth.

Can Weight Loss Treatment make me look better?

Weight loss and how it boosts self-confidence


Weight loss can be achieved naturally through body exercise, dieting and lifestyle changes. In the case where the above doesn’t work, you can opt for weight loss treatment. It involves going through medical procedures to cut weight. Fat freezing treatment is one of the weight loss treatments that are commonly used.
Your body has a constant number of fat cells that become bigger or smaller as you gain or lose weight. The fat freezing treatment reduces the figure of fat cells in treated parts by some proportion. These fat cells are entirely removed from these regions unlike in the typical weight loss of dieting and exercise where the fat cells just grow smaller. Opting for dieting and exercise or weight loss treatment gives the same results your body becomes slimmer.

How weight loss improves self-confidence

Your appearance improves
A lot of people work towards losing weight to look better. When your look improves you undergo a positive transformation with your self-esteem. Your dressing gives you confidence as your clothes fit better and even as you move around people can feel your confidence.

You build your control
Sensations of depression and low self-esteem always come from feeling like you don’t have power over your life. Attaining your weight loss goals is a sign that you are in a position to manage yourself. To get to this point, you have to have grown past your comfort zone and abandoned terrible habits. Your body is conditioned to do what you want, and you have the self- assurance that anything you set your mind to do is achievable.

You achieve set goals
The process of losing weight is complicated and requires high levels of discipline and determination. Meeting your weight loss targets boosts your self-esteem. You gain the confidence to set both short-term and long-term goals that are measurable and achievable.

You feel better
Losing weight the right manner means you are eating correctly and exercising occasionally. It helps you feel better, you get to sleep more comfortable, and you feel more energised. Exercising regularly triggers your body to produce feel-good hormones naturally. These chemicals are endorphins and the neurotransmitters, which reduce the chances of depression.
When your body feels great, and you are getting enough sleep your self-confidence ordinarily improves because you are caring for yourself.

You get support
Joining a gym or yoga class helps you create new friends who share common interests as you. They are always ready to assist you to achieve your targets both in and out of the exercise sessions. A reliable support system of persons with common goals makes you sociable and improves your confidence.

Losing weight is an excellent way to alleviate your self-esteem alongside looking better and feeling healthier. Weight loss is worth every effort you put in.

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” Harry Winston.

The beauty industry is huge. British beauty sales exceeded £4 billion in the UK in 2016 for the first time, and those in the know are predicting that the industry will continue to expand rapidly. Why? Because the beauty industry involves eeveryoneof us. It is integral to our everyday lives. There was a time when the beauty industry catered only for the young, the fashionable and the cultivated but not anymore. Young and fashionable, yes; but everybody else too. Old, young, male, female, trans, large, small and every skin colour. There are products for every sector of the human race (and, now we touch upon it, animals too but that’s a whole different topic) and this is the site that will guide you through the myriad of products and services available.

Beauty is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as: “a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.” Any products that we use to guide ourselves to being ‘beautiful’ (i.e. pleasing to oneself or another) is part of the industry. Soaps, shampoos, deodorants and makeup included but also nose hair trimmers, heel cream and massage oil. The ‘Essentials’ and the ‘none essentials’, it’s all in. What’s important to remember is the age adage that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and this is where it gets exciting. This allows you, the individual, to explore, experiment and get creative. Do you want pastel pink hair with blue tips? Go for it; we’ll let you know how to achieve this look in the best possible way for you. Or do you just require the knowledge of which fake eyelashes stand the test of time? You can guarantee we’ll have reviewed some.

It’s not just the products we explore here, but services too. In this increasingly busy world, sometimes it’s nice to stop, relax and allow yourself time to be pampered. The range of services on offer today is incredible, from the good old-fashioned spa to vibration therapy (yes, it’s a thing) and we will search through the array on offer to ensure you pick the right experience for you. We review the services available with honest and objective reviews so you can be assured that what you read is completely credible (hey, it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!).

Never has beauty been more accessible to us! Yes, the stores still exist where you can wander in and get a makeover in return for a small purchase of a product (and, while times have changed, it still feels pretty good to walk out of a department store post make over!) but now there’s so much more. Beauty and all it encompasses comes to us! The beauty industry no longer has to rely on a celebrity to set the latest trend (who remembers the ‘Rachel’ hair sensation?), but now we have access to every available style all of the time thanks to the internet. With this, consumer engagement is ever increasing, and we are bombarded with multitudes of styles, trends, products and services so it’s no wonder that sometimes we may get ‘lost’ in it all, a little overwhelmed. Which skin cream does smooth out wrinkles (do any?), which shampoo is the best for blonde hair and which razor will offer the closest shave?

We explore all. Navigate your way around the site to find product reviews, video tutorials, unique beauty blogs, tips, ideas and more to help you be who you want to be. Whether all you require is the knowledge on which deodorant is the strongest, or you want a full makeup tutorial for your upcoming major event, you will find it here, on ebeautylines.com. Welcome, and enjoy.